About us

We in NTG work in a new way and work hard to make a difference. We are not like everybody else – and we are not trying to be.

As with all the NTG companies, we work independently to find the best possible solutions for our customers. To achieve this we rely on people, their talent and expertise. Our staff consists of the best professionals with decades of experience and local know-how.

NTG Road Czech s.r.o. is part of Nordic Transport Group A/S together with over 30 other Danish and European transport companies – and more are still joining. The companies in the group co-operate through partnership agreements that give each company perfect opportunities for driving and developing each of their individual businesses. Joint resources such as IT support and common administrative systems are available for each individual company making routine tasks effortless. As a customer you will experience a consistent quality and service regardless of which company within the NTG group you do business with.

Nordic Transport Group A/S has grown in no time into a 230 milj. Euro company and is among the most successful European companies in the transport industry.